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Our Mission

VERMEER Premium Real Estate focuses on the purchase, sale, and development of premium properties. With unique investment opportunities and experienced specialists on-site, we provide access to the luxury markets of Hamburg, Sylt, Zurich, and Lucerne. Shape your financial freedom with us: We rely on our extensive experience and invest with our own capital.

About us

Maximize your financial freedom

Invest with us in your secure future. VERMEER Premium Real Estate provides you with access to crisis-resistant investments in exclusive premium properties. Personal, reliable – and with us as your investment partner. Trust in our strong network and experienced partners on the ground.

Impressions of exclusive investments.


Local partners with extensive expertise



Hamburg13 specializes in crafting bespoke properties in prime Alster locations, nestled within Hamburg's most sought-after districts of Rotherbaum, Harvestehude, and Pöseldorf. With a wealth of expertise in crisp architecture, stylish design, and enduring construction, our partners in Hamburg consistently meet the highest standards of comfort, elegance, and sustainability.

Sylter Kliff

Amidst the sea, dunes, and thatched roofs, Sylter Kliff crafts visionary premium properties on Germany's most exclusive island. Secure access to pristine 1A locations in nature and embark on innovative project development paths with our partners from Sylt. Multidisciplinary, from holistic concepts to detail-oriented interior design.
Zurich and Lucerne


Azur specializes in developing top-tier properties in the high, crisis-resistant price segment, surrounding the Lake Lucerne and Lake Zurich regions. With 12 years of experience in project development and a historical post-tax ROE of ~15% annually, attractive returns are assured. Azur invests alongside and manages the process from planning to construction.

That's what sets us apart

Exclusive premium markets (Hamburg, Sylt, and Switzerland).
Years of experience in real estate investment
Realized projects in real estate development
About the founders

Carl Prien and Jan Lüddeke

Carl Prien is the founder of studioline, now the largest photo studio chain in Germany with 90 branches, and the driving force behind VERMEER VENTURES. Jan Lüddeke began his career in investment banking and founded Commerg in 2010, which is now the largest brokerage platform for green energy certificates in Europe. Both experienced entrepreneurs have been setting new standards in premium real estate since 2018. With their in-depth expertise in real estate investment, they are constantly seeking investors for new, forward-thinking projects.


This is how you can reach us

Andreas-Gayk-Str. 15–17,
24103 Kiel
+49 431 221 813 23
Our parent company

Shaping the future with VERMEER VENTURES

New needs call for new paths. VERMEER VENTURES has been pursuing them since 2016. Seeking synergies that push beyond the conventional. Progressive, versatile – and conscientious at every step. In the realms of Real Estate, Care, and IT, we craft solutions for tomorrow's needs.